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Ramah Springs Water Company was established in 2017

 In Al-Bada'i Governorate, Al-Qassim Region, it is one of the companies of Saqa United Group.

 The factory contains the latest devices and equipment used in the water industry, which relies entirely on advanced technologies that are the latest of their kind in the world.

Rama water is groundwater that comes from the freshest wells in Najd
Call: 0552166607

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Purifying Water for a Healthier Tomorrow

 Ramah Springs Water Company owns several production lines with a production capacity of up to 225,000 thousand bottles per hour. Safe water without human intervention until it reaches consumers

 Ramah water production covers all regions of the Kingdom.

 It has authorized distributors in most regions of the Kingdom, to meet the needs of its customers.

Our mission:

Always progress towards the satisfaction of our customers and meet the requirements with mastery and fast way.

Our vision :

Achieving the excellence in the drinking water industry and producing high quality water that complies with local and international industry standards

Our value:

Maintaining the quality and high value of our products to meet the desires of our customers and increase their confidence and loyalty

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