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Zulal was established in 1994 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh, and is distinguished for being the largest provider of joint bottling services in the bottled water market. Zulal is in charge of filling bottles with water for more than one famous Saudi brand.
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Experience Clean Water like Never Before with ZULAL

Since 2020, the new phase of the company’s journey has started, where the production process began to be developed by introducing the latest equipment and technologies to enhance the production of Zulal water with a new identity and bottle capacities that suit the needs of customers and to maintain its pursuit of excellence. Zulal carries out its commercial activity in Riyadh and is distributed in most regions of the Kingdom, which facilitates its availability wherever the customer is located through its branches or food dealers and distributors.

Additionally, Zulal is distinguished for adopting high standards of water quality to ensure exceptional purity and the best taste.






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Zulal’s vision is that its product (Zulal water) becomes the first choice for consumers in KSA.


Zulal Company seeks to be a pioneer in the bottled water industry to provide a healthy lifestyle for you and your family and it is driven by "Quality that your family deserves" as a motto.


Zulal is very proud of its product and that it maintains the highest quality standards, and it is keen on continuous improvement and keeping pace with the constantly changing needs in the world, to create a healthy and distinctive experience for everyone, build a relationship that continues for future generations, reach the largest number of customers, and provide its products with Zulal’s best services and high standards to cover the market needs.

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